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creating visual poetry with your cherished memories


as a creative, i'm also an explorer, people-watcher, observer, story-teller, and a amateur expressionist, here's the proof.

LOVERS.                       HUMANITY.                       CULTURE.                          EARTH.                            PORTRAITS.                 SELF PORTRAITS. 


"Marija’s photos are so real and in the moment, she did a fantastic job of our engagement photos as well as our newborn photos of our precious baby boy. I’ll never forget these memories now thanks to her capturing them so beautifully."


-corey + ashley / engagement and family portraits

"As someone who doesn't like smiling/having photos taken, and is now married to someone who loves them, marija was perfect for both of us. She took so much stress out of the wedding by not only giving us fantastic and creative pictures, but by making the whole experience so much fun and reminding us that this was our day. Her easy going attitude, tireless work ethic, and obvious love for people made my wedding amazing."

-daniel + lydia / engagement and wedding photos

"We couldn't be more in love with the photos Marija took of and for us to capture both our wedding and celebration. She captured every detail and moment, every emotion, and they're somehow more beautiful that we could've imagined."

-cam + olivia / wedding photos

"Marija gave me everything I dreamed when it came to our wedding pictures. Not only was she relaxed, knew what to do in various situations, and reliable, but she was so flexible with our ceremony & reception being 3 months apart due to COVID. i am in love with our wedding photos and can’t wait to hang them all over the house."

-peter + lily / wedding photos

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