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the artistic process: connection

ah, connection. the taste of being understood within who you are, whoever you are. i'm not going to say too many words, because i want this series to be defined by you. however, i will say this. these last couple weeks i have connected and understood people who i would before label as "too different" to feel understood by or understand myself. i had thought that in order to have understanding, i would have to be loved the same way i show love, and yet i see now how flawed my perspective was. love does not change based on how it is shown, love is a fact. it is an action, a choice, and yes, sometimes it is a feeling, but it is not confined according to what i feel most comfortable with. it is in allowing myself to receive love in all it's differences that connection can be found.

so what's this have to do with my creative process? simply put, i have no direction for the purpose of my creation if i have no connection to what i'm creating. if i have no connection, all that's left is for me is to push through to prove something to myself or others leaving me unsatisfied, drained, and exhausted. connection motivates me to pay attention to beauty and reason behind human emotion. it opens a world before untouched that is STACKED to the brim with stories, personality, and emotion that's dying to be expressed and reformed into art. and art has always been a core tool for understanding for me. SO, here's this series of a mere 24 hour span with a lovely new friend that has already been a huge part of this new perspective. i hope you can feel them, and that they encourage you to just go talk to that stranger. to ask that question. to give that hug.

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