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when she left the salt-less sea, portrait session

what began as a giveaway for her turned out to be a wonderful gift for us as lexi and i galivanted this empty black beach creating stories and turning blue. we danced to silly music, put ourselves in a story and felt the waves crash until a friendship was created. i walked away feeling undeserving of the opportunity to capture beauty. it awakened in me a tremendous love for portrait photography-made my own.

out of this shoot, came words for me to finally describe what my business philosophy is right now:

"visually combining poetry and movement."

movement makes it possible to feel art, to feel beauty, because in that movement is action and in action is aliveness. the awareness that our breath means something. i see everything in poetry, including that aliveness, and i crave to prove it through the tools i'm given.

i hope you love these sentimental treasures of mine.

xoxo, mar

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