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yielding dreams-a self portrait series

being involved in the wedding small-business-i see the tremendous impact that everything going on in the world is having on those who were/are in the process of planning a wedding. there's been many of those couples who have had to make tough decisions to cancel or postpone, and instead elope. although this can be something chosen by some couples and preferred, i understand it isn't the route others were hoping to take. that means that it's likely that a lot of dreams had to be given up-a lot of dreams accumulated throughout the months and even years of planning and imagining, for the sake of safety.

i know, in a sense, what this is like. having dreams taken away and so abruptly, and i won't pretend it's the least bit easy. i want to remind anyone dealing with this right now, that each little detail in this life has the opportunity to create a beautiful memory-even if it may look different than what we expected. part of the thrill we can get from life comes from the spontaneity, and even though we can be taken by surprise-there is still so much beauty and hope left to discover. perhaps even in a whole new and glorious way we wouldn't have discovered if life went how we wanted it to go. although dreams may be transforming into something you didn't fully expect, it can be just as full of meaning and beauty.

with the compassion i have for the couples who have made the decision to elope-especially the brides-i have decided to create a series dedicated to the emotion you may be feeling in this time. i'm proud of you and excited for these unique and unexpected thrills this situation will bring you all. i'm here for you, we are here for you, and there is so much love still alive.


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