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the north shore

graduation of college

in the wood


inner city

in the rain

black sand beach

autumn evening

grand marias

stillwater hillside

two harbors

band / live music 

the pianist

notes inspired by the troumbly family

I want to come into the quiet spaces of people’s lives and tell those stories, seek earnestly what isn’t said but will always be remembered and remember them this way, with imagery you actually want in a book or a frame because it tells of real life—the bread rising, spilling sink water, dirty feet in the garden. The things that only humans know and do with all the might of our ordinary being.

Reality is the makeup of storytelling, and storytelling is a way of making meaning accessible to one another, unifying us in a deeper understanding of life as a whole. My job as a photojournalist is not to make moments. It is to honor the moments as they are by noticing, and wait eagerly as meaning unfolds.

This session was a pursuit of that mission. It is a pursuit that I plan to carry forward with every shoot I do. It begins by asking questions differently, by listening to actual people better and listening to influence less. By placing my own idealistic visions aside so reality can breathe, and breath always means life.

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