hi, I'm marija.


this is me.

just a girl relentlessly living for passion, and in my case-photography and of course-Jesus.

before, I couldn't find the words to articulate exactly why I love photography-specifically catching fleeting moments in the lives of people. after processing this thought time and time again I think I can finally say i've settled on an answer to myself and others that can be best understood to how i feel:

why do i choose to do what i do? to prove the the human race matters.

to prove that every shade of brown, every language we may try to understand, every action we do or don't agree with matters and has a purpose to that individual.

to prove that whether or not we can hear a voice from a human being, they still have a voice.

to prove that we are ALL connected no matter how big or small the body is, how "experienced" you are, your level of success, your religious standpoints, where you live, HOW you live, who you voted for, what class you're in, each and EVERY human being matters.


when i take a photo of a laughing man playing his accordion for money on the stairway to cornigila-It shows a unifying connection in the human race-joy.

when i take a photo of a little brown boy eating his apple for lunch after school, beneath the town church-it shows a relationship that i have with someone who looks different than i do. we all eat, we all need to eat, we all (for the most part) enjoy food.

when i take a photo of an argument-we all fight, we all hurt.

when i take a photo of a group of friends chatting-we all love, we all feel friendship.


i don't take photos just because I like it. when i see something in front of me with my camera i don't say to myself: "okay, this could be artsy, seems to be something with potential." i take the photo because i want to show you something, I want to show THEM something.

people matter.

the human race creates one big crescendo of beauty, love, hurt, pain, struggle, good AND bad decisions, hunger, loss, homelessness, friendship, romance, hate, anger, sadness, joy.

these things create life itself.

i take photos to give back to others and to communicate what i see before me that i can't otherwise express in words or by going up to them and giving them a great big hug (although I wouldn't be opposed.) everyone deserves to be heard, and photography allows me to give a voice.

THAT is why i'm determined to be relentless with this field of art. not only has it effected my way of expression so strongly but i find so much beauty in people that i can't in any other way show other than in photography.

that, and the technique behind this art form fascinates that heckin' bob out of me-everything to do with cameras i could study for hours. i'm SO PASSIONATE about this, and The Creator has been revealing my purpose in this this last year and i can't wait to follow Him everywhere he leads me.

my only request in this life is to love like He does, the best way I can. I want to show people, EVERY kind of people, they matter.


that's why YOUR story, your moments, matter to me. and I would be ecstatic to join with you to remember it.
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