base prices for wedding photos*:


  • OPTION A: 6 hour day: 1,800$

  • OPTION B: 8 hour full day (getting ready+ceremony+reception): 2,000$

  • OPTION C: 10 hour full day (ideal for weddings including first looks, early getting ready times, and more details): 2,200$


-If you'd be interested in doing an engagement session with me prior to your wedding, below prices will be added to the option chosen INCLUDING a 10% discount on the engagements (because i love loyalty;))

-travel fees will be included in the invoice if applicable. 

-second shooters may be available upon request for an extra fee.

base prices for family, engagement, or editorial/portrait photos:

  • OPTION A: 1 hour-250$

  • OPTION B: 1.5 hours-300$

  • OPTION C: 2 hours-350$


If your budget is not ideal for my pricing, please PLEASE know you can be comfortable to reach out to chat with me about where you're at and what i can provide for you. I understand life is in constant movement and everyone has different situations. I'm here to serve you as well as i am to capture your memories and i want to make things as stress-free as possible. 

these are base prices, and i'm more than willing to find fair compromises depending on your needs. 

click here to head over to the contact page to send me an email:)

*for all booking, i will be requiring a non-refundable retainer before session date. if you have questions about this please let me know.


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