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*base prices

  • OPTION A | 6hr day

  • OPTION B | 8hr full day

  • OPTION C | 10hr full day

  • OPTION D | 12hr full day (includes a professional flash drive.)

  • for more information on what each option covers and what would best suit your day, please contact me and we can find something that fits <3


  • -Second Shooter: 40-45$ / hr 

  • Oil painting landscape  prices vary depending on commission size. Please talk to me for specifics if you’re interested. A general pricing guide is located in the painting section of my pricing page

  • Wedding poem: 100$
    The goal of this is to touch a meaning behind your moments in a new light, the kind of light that only poetry can embody, and to put perhaps a few words to the beauty authentic to your love. The approach varies for each couple, all questions are welcome!

  • -Photographer-designed coffee table book with your favorite completed photos (collaborate with photographer): 200$

  • -30-50 Disposable camera film photos / developed and sent physically and digitally (amount depends on turn out with cameras. I use two disposables with 25 shots each): 200$

  • -Physical flash drive with backed up photos: 65$
    Based on the elements of your wedding, I’ll hand select a corresponding, beautifully packaged flash-drive and deliver it to you backed-up and filled with your finished gallery.


-An extended sheet of these add-ons is available upon request.


If you'd be interested in doing an engagement session with me prior to your wedding, below prices will be added to the option chosen INCLUDING a 10% discount on the engagements (because i love loyalty;))

-travel fees will be included in the invoice if applicable. 

*base prices

  • OPTION A | 1hr

  • OPTION B | 1.5hrs

  • OPTION C | 2hrs 

click here to head over to the contact page to send me an email:)

*for all booking, i will be requiring a non-refundable retainer (20% of total package price) due one week after confirmation of booking. if you have questions about this please let me know.






  • 5x7 on Moab Natural Glicee paper with 1 inch, .5 inch, or no border
    -35$ + shipping

  • 9x11 on Moab Natural Glicee paper with 1 inch, .5 inch, or no border
    -45$+ shipping

  • Bigger sizes available upon request



  • varies depending on size + design. 
    commissions are 2.5$ per inch plus supply and shipping cost

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