• marija leilynn

grace, the senior

where do i begin with this truly remarkable experience. we all know that getting photos taken can be overwhelming sometimes. there can be expectations and pressure coming from every direction, but let me tell ya somethin'...it can also be incredibly fun.

grace, her mom and i took an overnight trip to grand marais, minnesota to shoot her senior photos and i ended up taking away much more than just beautiful shots. i took away the realization that letting go of any expectations and letting the given creativity inside me to run the show-ACTUALLY WORKS. can you believe that?? when i allow myself to be present with you when i'm shooting, not only do i find myself capturing a symbol of a memory but the shoot itself becomes a memory. i walked away from this session thrilled at the camera results for grace and her family, but also because i got to witness her melt into herself the longer we were shooting. we wiggled around, curled up on docks and rocks and grass, tangled ourselves in wildflowers and bushes, got cheered at by people walking by, and ran around barefooted in the ominous marina mist. THAT is why i can't help but let loose little squeals when i'm spending time with you guys. it's more than just a photoshoot, it's connection and confidence, growth and authenticity.

SO, i know ya'll dyin' to see these results i've ranted about. you officially have permission to indulge yourself.

xoxo, mar

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