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Not even death can defeat Jesus. Not even the wicked ways of men and women-so wicked that they'd be willing to kill a man who is only proclaiming a love that was unlike anything before-so wicked they nailed him to a cross and watched him bleed to death. watched him hang by the very flesh on his bones with no other support and stay there almost naked. Even that was foreknown by God (acts 2:24.) Even that was used for something good, to save and give us freedom. He HAD to die to defeat evil, He HAD to be sent to earth so we can connect to him, so we can relate, so we can see how we were made in the image of God because Jesus was and He was human who was born as a baby. He had to come for a purpose. to show us that we are as close to him in his arms as we are without him here, now with the holy spirit. HE WAS HERE, and He loved in a way only a divine person can. death was evidence of victory, and when Mary Magdalene found the tomb empty she wept thinking her precious Lord was gone-and I can only image what passion and astounding excitement and love she felt when she turned around to his voice and nail-torn scars (John 20:11-17.) He was alive! He's alive! He has freed us from all the things we have done and deal with and seeing him hanging on that cross in my mind humbles me. I'm not a witness to when it happened but I have a vivid picture of what it may have been like to watch him die. Imagine the only true love you've ever known, the only source of perfection, your idol, your favorite teacher, your best friend, your father and/or best guardian, your love-bleeding out just so you can be free. I'd want to stop him, I'd want to say "no! I'm not worth it! I'm not worth this horrible death and suffering and you mean everything to me!" the horrid look of death would convince me that it's too much for him to be alive again, but there is nothing God can't do. He remained victorious even after his suffering which He bared so lovingly. He is all I want to be. I cant wait to be in his arms when He returns for his beloved children. my whole life is all for his purpose and deep down I really want nothing more than to follow him. his is my motivation, my guide, my lover and friend, and He is alive in me. I love him! I love who He's changing me to be even though i'm shedding the layers of myself I was proud of for the benefit of his guidance and everlasting love. my changing life is proof He is growing inside of me and the fire is brighter. i'm excited for his influence and how it will change me! He doesn't leave us once we are his, even when we die on earth. He will make known to me the paths of life, and will fill me with joy (acts 2:28.) this day is lighter because I know He is nothing but light himself. life is easier because I know He doesn't want me to do this alone.

thank you for your everlasting patience, forgiveness, and love my dear best friend.

there is no one like you.

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