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unwritten psalm

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

heavy breathing in exhaustion.

i cant run from the root of true beauty.

i can't go searching only to miss the answer.

all my life i have wanted

daring romance.

fearlessness vibrating

through my very veins.

freedom being the only thing that escapes my lips

my feet wounded by the need to run,

and before it was away from something,

but now i see hope and my wounds cant hurt me anymore

because yours were much greater.

let me soak

the bareness of your feet.

those that have walked miles to love, to heal, to teach.

let me drench them

in all my finest perfume.

my tears mixed with a tender gratefulness and every coin i own.

none of me wants none of you.

you are holding your gaze when i see butterflies as more intriguing.

you watch me in steady waiting and i, your lowly servant girl,

but a whisper brings me back to you.

how deep you love me.

how kind your eyes approaching my heart

pierced and shredded

from self-afflicted darkness.

just the color of your eyes sends me to my knees in full retreat.

my heart becomes wrapped in

steel and silk

as you were wrapped in

fine linen.

you have resurrected

the beat of it and it's so loud now that I've realized it was

never alive before.

suddenly, i am everything i never knew i needed to be.

the longing for black and white, faded kisses

paired with rain and lust and endless emotion like a roller coaster, a facade,

is replaced with the

innocent blood

innocent trust

the truest love i have ever known.

it was you all along.

my soul is knit with how you love me.

crocheted into wholeness

each moment, a thread, purposeful in how you created me.

I am made for you.

you are more than a person who once walked this ground. who is the subject of every gospel message and the face on the afterlife pamphlets.

you are

the moon at three am.

the sun in morning.

the pillow i rest in.

the smile on a bad day.

when i fail to remember this, my correction.

you are a simple handhold.

a dance with someone thought to be forgotten.

a laugh that makes bellies hurt.

you are the running,

the freedom escaping my lips.

the hope,

the healing,

the love inside of me.

you ARE the daring romance.

the fearlessness.

I have found the love I've always wanted.

jesus, the love I've always needed.

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